Man’s struggle

Jihad: physical or nonphysical; inner or outer struggle. Directly translated it means “striving the way of God.”
The definition has been slightly debated throughout scholarship. Some directly translated it into “holy war”; however, some disagree with this term.

Throughout history, war has waged through forest, ice, sand and blood. War is a purely mechanical solution to a disagreement between nations. Where words fall short, loss and cruelty prevail.

The Hundred Years War lasted 116 years, stretching across both the 12th and 13th centuries. This conflict was waged on dynastic disagreements between England and France.

Although history documents this as the longest war, it does not account for cultural wars. In the bowels of history, the genocide of Africa is kept less accounted.
More than 500,000 were killed between the months of April and July of 1994.  This was a great horror committed in the name of ethnic cleansing.

Put five people in a room together for too long and they will find reasons to kill one another.
The great challenge America finds itself in today is not that we face such a great army, but that we face hate. For every enemy combatant we kill, we motivate four more.
Every soldier has family; their deaths fuel that hate and war.


This war cannot be won through bullets, bombs nor blood. A smile is all it takes to kill.
In the farthest corners of the world unknown to Americans, loss prevails daily. I fear that America will have made a place for this through this war.


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  1. Whether it be holy or not, us humans like war. We will always have disagreements, but religion is just the best excuse. Like you said, put 5 people in a room and they will find a reason to hate each other. The most obvious is religion, but what if no one believed in god? we would still fight over who has the greenest grass.

    • Keanu Kirkpatrick

      I agree with Ann. For me it’s like humans can’t survive without some kind of conflict. War seems to feed the human race, some more than others but it’s still apparent.

  2. I’m not sure if people will ever get along. I think its the ultimate goal but how long does it last? It usually comes about when a tragedy happens but give it a few months everything is back the same. There will always be something to fight about, religion, family, friends, money.

  3. If you believe in that kind of thing, peace will equal the end of the world! But peace would be a wonderful thing that I feel will never happen.

  4. War is not OK, no matter what the cause. It’s certainly not ok over religion. That’s not what religion is about.

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