Man’s struggle

Jihad: physical or nonphysical; inner or outer struggle. Directly translated it means “striving the way of God.”
The definition has been slightly debated throughout scholarship. Some directly translated it into “holy war”; however, some disagree with this term.

Throughout history, war has waged through forest, ice, sand and blood. War is a purely mechanical solution to a disagreement between nations. Where words fall short, loss and cruelty prevail.

The Hundred Years War lasted 116 years, stretching across both the 12th and 13th centuries. This conflict was waged on dynastic disagreements between England and France.

Although history documents this as the longest war, it does not account for cultural wars. In the bowels of history, the genocide of Africa is kept less accounted.
More than 500,000 were killed between the months of April and July of 1994.  This was a great horror committed in the name of ethnic cleansing.

Put five people in a room together for too long and they will find reasons to kill one another.
The great challenge America finds itself in today is not that we face such a great army, but that we face hate. For every enemy combatant we kill, we motivate four more.
Every soldier has family; their deaths fuel that hate and war.


This war cannot be won through bullets, bombs nor blood. A smile is all it takes to kill.
In the farthest corners of the world unknown to Americans, loss prevails daily. I fear that America will have made a place for this through this war.


Unorganized Justice VS. Organized Crime

Guerrero, Mexico —

The police failed to act when the local cartel kidnapped Eusebio García Alvarado. The citizens of Guerrero took to the streets with their own rifles and shotguns in order to restore order. They set up check points, roadblocks, and a make shift jail in order to combat the organized crime.

All was not in vain because the cartel released Alvarado the same day. Despite the quick release, the vigilante movement grew and was praised by state Governor Aguirre.

There is typically controversial issues that arise with vigilante justice, so what do you think may be a long term problem with this solution? Do you think this type of action has its place?

How does this apply to your home country?

Credit to (Bernardo Loyola and Laura Woldenberg) (photo: Carlos Alvarez Montero)
Posted by: Trent Cronin

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Self-made Celebrities

What are your takes on self-made celebrities who serve no purpose on TV? They fill our lives with the void of drama that we lack in our normal day, but how relevant is that? They aren’t essentially helping the world become a better place; they’re just taking up airtime. I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows but I watch them to keep up certain conversations at school. This week alone I’ve heard more news about Ray J’s song, “I Hit It First”, than I thought I would ever want to hear.  The song is controversially speaks about Kim Kardashian but Ray J denies it saying it all about a concept.  Ray J has made his way into the scene by being singer Brandy’s little brother, and Kim K really has no purpose on TV but gets a lot of attention.  Not only these two self-made celebrities but the Bachelor, all the Housewives shows, Jersey Shore, or whatever else is out there on the TV.  I think of all the money they’re being paid to take up airtime and how that money can contribute to our education system, future of kid’s lives, and everything else the world suffers from.  I don’t want to sound like some pessimist or that I’m salty about them being on TV but I just want to know whatever happen to getting paid for talent, being worth the money you get paid. Most people have to work on a daily and don’t get half the money these self-made celebrities make in an hour.  Do you think the pay rates for all of the self-made celebrities are too high? Do you think there should be a cap on who and how many “useless” celebrities are on TV a year?  What if the time of TV was more competitive?

-Jaleesa Diggins



Emily Elliott – Interior Decorator Student

By Ben Elliott

A History Lesson

Two Cars Enter, One Car Leaves

The soundslides project that Youtube decided to censor.-Will Whaley

Heather Simmers Part Two

A year ago when I was in COM 243 I did a documentary on Heather Simmers a vocal major at UNA. We sat down to visit her and see how the year has been.-Will Whaley

Skydive Alabama’s Paul Russo

His job could beat up your job.

-Trent Cronin

Remembering through praise

Patricia Strickland remembers her daughter Amber “Shai” McCaulley through a newly organized benefit concert that she hopes will bring attention the a growing problem in the community.

-Keanu Kirkpatrick

Timmy Ray: Serving Through Song

Timmy Ray is the music minister at Woodward Baptist Church in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. He has a passion for music, college ministry and baseball. Over all his strives to use his gifts to give glory to God. Here is his story.

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